Josep Grau Winegrower

This is the space where we could talk about a winery, about the expression of wines, about the project of a wine company…. But behind every word, every phrase, in the spinning of paragraphs beats a life, a winemaking story different from others. The story of Josep Grau, winegrower today, broker yesterday.

“If life stops, stop and listen,” says Josep Grau, and it will make you establish new priorities, consider the significance of your values, focus on your goals and have a life to live it and not to use it.

And Josep Grau learns to live life in the land of Montsant, a land that bets on its wines, on a rural and winemaking adventure where everything requires effort, passion and great enthusiasm. It could have been in another land, on another soil, with another culture and less effort but then the story of Josep Grau would have been different and his wines would not express that character and strength.

There is a “L ‘Efecte Volador” (flying sensation) in its path, the sound of’ “Vespres” (eves) in the background, the name of a woman, a family, of belonging to what really matters: Regina. Those are his wines and this is the beginning of a story that is built from the bottom up, close to the land and takes off looking high and feeling the need to go back to it.

Josep Grau took “one small step every day” to radically change his life, to devote himself entirely to his dream, wine, not only to teach his children values but also so that they could build them. Welcome to Josep Grau Winegrower, welcome to the stories of a life.







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